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Success Story: White Castle

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 white castle food

White Castle System, Inc. is a family-run fast-food hamburger chain with 345 restaurants across the mid-western U.S. Operationally, White Castle delivers product from their Cincinnati Bakery and Distribution Center to White Castle retail stores throughout southern Ohio and northern Kentucky. When White Castle's provider had problems providing responsive management, replacement drivers, and reliable power equipment, they turned to PTG Logistics to address the challenge.

PTG Logistics immediately put in place an experienced management team and hired a staff of conscientious well trained drivers to improve regional restaurant relations and on-time performance. Seasonal fluctuations, illness, and vacation time were also seamlessly handled by a sustained pool of casual drivers. New state-of-the-art power equipment -- single axle tractors and refrigerated trailers equipped with modern material handlingequipment -- was put in place to preserve product quality and integrity.

White Castle recently renewed their agreement with PTG Logistics. The optimized fleet efficiency, sustained driver productivity and new equipment capacity have reduced White Castle's distribution costs by $60,000 annually. In addition, the improved service levels ensure that all of White Castle's restaurants are ready to serve their customers 24/7.