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Success Story: Home Delivery Solutions

Delivering Results for a Major Consumer & Electronics Company

 Last Mile Solutions Success Story Image


A leading Consumer Electronics and Appliance Retailer in the Southeast faced the challenge of improving customer deliveries and delivery appointments. Unfortunately, their existing fleet management solution did not provide the expertise and functionality nor did they provide the real-time visibility needed to seamlessly manage their business.  To manage the task, they relied on PTG Logistics.



PTG Logistics brought in experienced managers and implemented Appian’s “DirectRoute” optimization software which immediately improved route planning, and automated their routing and scheduling process.  In conjunction, PTG implemented DRTRack route tracking, offering GPS vehicle tracking and web-based reporting that works with DirectRoute.  This allowed automatic updates regarding estimated arrival and departure times.



The efficiencies of PTG’s experience with Appian’s optimization automatically combined customer data and work rules and created more efficient route schedules.  It allowed better service performance and improved customer service immediately.  It put delivery truck location tracking and scheduling on the web with secure access and valuable reporting and allowed our customers visibility to route information, estimated delivery times, and more.

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