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Success Story: Graeter's

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When Graeter’s Ice cream needed to find a way to deliver to newly acquired franchisee stores in Columbus, they turned to PTG Logistics. At the time Graeter’s was running a weekly shuttle to an expensive refrigerated cross dock in Columbus. From there, Graeter’s operated straight trucks to make the final store deliveries during the day.

Graeter's needed to change the existing system as the cross dock lease was expiring and the Columbus trucks were at the end of their useful life. Moreover, the current model to produce in Cincinnati, ship to stock in Columbus, order pick, and then deliver on small trucks was inefficient. A second option was to buy/lease a tractor and trailer and deliver direct to Columbus themselves. Graeter’s had no experience with class A equipment or drivers and they would need to add someone to manage this. They could have used straight trucks and class B drivers but would require more equipment as well limit any regional shipping opportunities.

PTG Logistics developed a transportation system for Graeter’s providing direct store delivery (DSD) service to their stores from their new manufacturing facility in Cincinnati to Columbus. The best part, PTG Logistcs is making the deliveries unattended at night allowing store personnel to avoid disruptions during store hours and free up the equipment for other wholesale deliveries during the day.

“ We looked forward to the future of working with PTG. The feeling was very strong that this is the right direction to proceed in. Obviously, there is apprehension when it comes to change and doing this differently. PTG delivered on our expectations and we continue to expand in new markets with their help and expertise.”
                                                                 – Graeter’s Distribution Manager