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October 5, 2012
A Delivery to Remember for the Boy Scouts of America

Every three (3) years the Boy Scouts of America National Honor Society--Order of the Arrow--holds a national conference to celebrate scouting and to experience fellowship, training, adventure and fun.  This premier event is Scouting's second largest national program event.  This year's conference was held at Michigan State University and featured a temporary 16,000 square foot museum with exhibits highlighting lodge service, activities, history and scrapbooks.

So how does one go about building a museum that big?  The Scouts used their ingenuity and decided to use 30" and 36" hollow core Masonite doors as the major design element.  And to get this job done, it was going to take 238 doors.  With the help of a Lowe's store in Ardmore, Oklahoma, the doors were ordered, shipped in and waiting for pickup by PTG Logistics.  The setup window was tight leading up to event so PTG Logistics worked ahead to coordinate the exact date, hour and location needed for delivery.

Since the loading location didn't have a dock, PTG Logistics' driver, Mike Maloney, used a pallet jack and pulled the pallets to the back of the trailer where they were then fork-lifted off and quickly delivered to the exact setup location in the university's student union.  From that point, a team of 40 Boy Scouts transformed the doors into their completed museum which then hosted more than 5,000 visitors during the week-long conference.

Bill Topkis, the project coordinator for the event, was kind enough to recognize Mike Maloney's professionalism by noting that "his performance was 10 out of 10."  PTG Logistics is proud to have quality drivers like Mike Maloney and we're glad to have been a part of such a great Scouting event.

At conference end, the museum was taken down and will be stored for 3 years until the 2015 national conference when it will be rebuilt to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Order of the Arrow!

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