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Truck Load Services

Backhaul & Brokerage Services

We utilize the optimum mix of a dedicated truck fleet and a nationwide network of approved carrier partners to get your loads delivered at the right rate and right on time!

With our brokerage services, we use SmartWay® certified trucks and the latest in technology to monitor all partners for insurance, operating authority, safety rating and CSA safety performance. We stand ready to work together to  support your business and would be glad to provide spot quotes and/or RFP responses.

Our service expertise can be delivered in key areas of your branded transportation operation

  • Coverage for all 48 States
  • Asset-Based Services
  • Real-Time Track & Trace Technology
  • Local, Regional & National Approved Carrier Partners



A Proven Network

Small carriers can go in and out of business in a heartbeat, safety ratings can change from good to bad in a day, and insurance policies can be cancelled at any time. To build and maintain our carrier network, PTG Logistics leverages industry leading CarrierWatch technology, which continuously monitors our carrier network and alerts us immediately to any change in safety, authority or insurance status. CarrierWatch handles more than 250,000 updates every month so you can trust that our national network is qualified up-to-the-minute and ready to go for each and every job.

SmartWay® Certified Fleet

The SmartWay® Transport Partnership is an innovative partnership between businesses and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency that seeks to reduce greenhouse gases and other air pollutants and improve fuel efficiency. And we’re proud to say that our asset-based fleet includes tractors and trailers that are SmartWay® certified and display the SmartWay® partner logo. This means they are the most fuel efficient models commercially available and, when used in combination, can achieve fuel savings of approximately 15% - 20% over a standard model. According to published indicators, less than 25% of SmartWay® carrier partners are qualified to use the partner logo.

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Deb Riha
Business Development Manager
Phone: 513-505-9239